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Monday, February 22, 2016

Book of Mormon FHE

This year our bishop, the leader of our congregation, encouraged us to not only read The Book of Mormon but to really study it this year. To do this, he encouraged us to use The Book of Mormon Class Member Study Guide (which can be found online here)to help guide us in our studies. I've been struggling to constantly come up with ideas for Family Home Evening each Monday--it's like dinner, there's lots of ideas, but I hate choosing! So I decided that the bishop, who is inspired and gives direction from the Holy Ghost, had a great idea. For this year, I've decided to focus on The Book of Mormon for FHE and to use the Member Guide to help me.

Now, before I share what I've got so far, here's a little disclaimer: I have four rambunctious little ones under the age of six. FHE, for us, usually lasts 10 minutes at the most. We have a song, very short lesson, activity, and treat. Nothing fancy here--just survival and trying to get in a little spirituality and family togetherness in every Monday! =)

One other side note: In the morning, while eating our poptarts and Cheerios, I try to read a little from the Book of Mormon to the littles. The church's magazine, The Friend, has some great reading charts that I've been using. The magazine also has some fun Hero Cards with Book of Mormon heroes, illustrated scripture stories, etc. You can find these resources here.

Anyway, here's what we've done so far. Where it indicates a lesson, I am referring to the Member Guide.
Book of Mormon FHE
1.     How the Book of Mormon came to be/Book of Mormon Kick-off
--Lesson 1: The Keystone of our Religion
--The First Vision
--For this lesson, I used the pictures at the front of our copy of the Book of Mormon to talk about what the Book of Mormon is and how it came to be restored in our day.

2. Lehi and his family leave Jerusalem/Liahona
--Do Human Liahona activity from: http://fhein5.webs.com/bookofmormonstories.htm
--What are our Liahonas?

3. Nephi and the Brass Plates
--Lesson 2: All Things According to His Will
--Importance of Scriptures
--Application: Go and Do

4. The Vision of the Tree of Life
--Lesson 3: The Tree of Life
--Matching game after we go through the vision from: http://www.sugardoodle.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8422

--Tree of Life activity (blindfold each family member and have them try to get to a treat, then have them hang onto some yarn leading to the treat). From: http://ayearoffhe.blogspot.com/2011/01/week-02-lehis-vision.html

5. Prophets and Prophecy
--Lesson 4: The Things which I Saw While I was Carried Away in the Spirit
--Have a picture but have it covered up with another paper cut into puzzle pieces so the kids can only see part of it. See if anyone can guess what the picture is. Remove pieces little by little until you can see the whole picture. Talk about how the prophet sees the whole picture and can help us to understand God’s plan for us.
Put puzzles together as a family.

6. Nephi Builds a Ship
--Faith, prayer, working together, doing hard things
--Stair hop: Ask kids to jump from the bottom step to the top step. Then put labels on steps (faith, prayer, ask for help, work together, keep trying, pray some more, help others, help your family, listen to the Holy Ghost, etc.) and have kids hop up the stairs one by one.
--Maybe build things with blocks together as a family.

7. Family Unity
--Lesson 5: Hearken to the Truth, and Give Heed Unto It
--Laman/Lemuel v. Nephi/Sam

--From the lesson guide: Suggestion for Family Discussion

Obtain two pieces of rope—one in good condition and one that is frayed. Display the rope that is in good condition, and explain that it is made of many threads. Explain that just as it is important for the threads of the rope to remain tightly woven together, it is important for families to be united. Then display the rope that is frayed. Explain that just as rope is weakened when the threads separate, families are weakened when they are not united.
Review the account in 1 Nephi 16–18. Consider how the actions of individual members of Lehi’s family affected the family’s unity. Talk about what you can do as a family to be more united.

8. Choice/Agency
--Lesson 6: Free to Choose Liberty and Eternal Life

--Do the Wise Man and the Foolish Man activity from: http://ayearoffhe.blogspot.com/search/label/Choices

**I will try to post more as I have them!

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