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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Literacy (Reading and Writing)

Right now I am really going to focus on the alphabet with my children. Cole (my one year old) and Mark (my two year old) need to learn the alphabet song and naming letters. Sam (my four year old) recognizes letters and is ready to start learning sounds. This year I'm going to be focusing on a letter each week and using the Mommy and Me Book Club format. I did the Mommy and Me Book Club last year and really liked it. The focus there is helping children enjoy books and develop a love for literacy using good books and hands-on activities. This year I'm doing the same thing, but adding the alphabet element. So for week one, we will be focusing on A and will be reading a book about Ants. The art activity will be focused on working with the letter of the week.

Here's the basic format for the lessons:

Mommy & Me Book Club
Gathering Activity


Welcome Song (tune: London Bridges)
Come along and clap with me,
Clap with me, clap with me.
Come along and clap with me,
It’s time for us to start.

Circle Time
The More We Get Together
Sing ABC song.
Count from 1-10 forward and backward.

Book Time

Art Activity
(Fine motor skills activity)


 (Gross motor skills activity)

Good-bye Song (tune: Here We Are Together)
Now we wave good-bye,
Good-bye, good-bye.
Now we wave good-bye,
I’ll see you next time.

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