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Friday, May 20, 2016

Passport to Adventure

A few years ago, I designed a Passport to Adventure for my kids with lots of ideas of things we could do locally. I bought a date stamp, and we would faithfully stamp our passport each time we did one of the activities. That was when I had just two little ones...
Fast forward to present day and four little ones--I just found the passport at the bottom of one of my old diaper bags that I was cleaning out to get rid of it, and I remembered the fun we had. So now, here I am, reincarnating my Passport to Adventure and sharing it with you. I've made a lot of changes to it that I hope you will like. Hopefully, (depending on how tech savvy I am) you can edit it to meet your needs. I have designed it and have some activities that are specifically for my state and local area, but you could easily change these things to activities more specific to your area. You can print out the pages and glue them into a little notebook or just print it out and staple it together with a card stock cover.
To download this document, please click here.

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