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Friday, June 27, 2014

H is for Horse

Mommy & Me Book Club
Gathering Activity
Color a horse picture.

Welcome Song (tune: London Bridges)
Come along and clap with me,
Clap with me, clap with me.
Come along and clap with me,
It’s time for us to start.

Circle Time
The More We Get Together
Sing ABC song.
Count from 1-10 forward and backward.

Book Time

All the Pretty Little Horses—Saport
Clarence Goes Out West and Meets a Purple Horse—Adams

Horse—Malachy Doyle


Do some horse rhymes:
Rickety, rickety rocking horse
Rickety, rickety rocking horse,
Over the hills we go.
(Ride child on knee).
Rickety, rickety rocking horse,
Giddy-up, giddy-up, whoa!
(Gently rock child back in lap and hug child).

Trot, trot to Boston
Trot, trot to Boston,
Trot, trot to Lynne.
Look out (child’s name)
Don’t fall in!

10 Wild Horses
Ten wild horses came galloping through town.
Five were white, five were brown.
They galloped up, and they galloped down.
They galloped away and out of town.

Horsie, Horsie
Horsie, horsie, don’t you stop.
(Clip-clop hands on legs).
Just let your feet go clippety-clop;
Your tail goes swish,
(swish back and forth)
And the wheels go round—(roll hands)
Giddy-up, you’re homeward bound. (clap 3 times)
Art Activity
(Fine motor skills activity)
Letter H Horse Craft from:

Haystacks and apples

 (Gross motor skills activity)
Horse relay race or barrel racing
Good-bye Song (tune: Here We Are Together)
Now we wave good-bye,
Good-bye, good-bye.
Now we wave good-bye,
I’ll see you next time.
More horse books:
Robert the Rose Horse—Heilbroner
The Horse in Harry’s Room—Hoff
Teeny Tiny Ernest
Fritz and the Beautiful Horses—Brett
Leonardo’s Horse—Fritz
Cowardly Clyde—Peet
Giddy yup! Let’s Ride—McDonnell
Little Red Cowboy Hat—Lowell
Cowboy Small—Lenski
Mrs. Mack—Polacco
Appaloosa Zebra—Haas
Magnus at the Fire—Armstrong
Ride like the Wind—Fuchs (about the Pony Express)
My Pony—Jeffers
More horse crafts and ideas:

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