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Friday, June 27, 2014

I is for Island

Mommy & Me Book Club
Gathering Activity
Pirate scavenger hunt

Welcome Song (tune: London Bridges)
Come along and clap with me,
Clap with me, clap with me.
Come along and clap with me,
It’s time for us to start.

Circle Time
The More We Get Together
Sing ABC song.
Count from 1-10 forward and backward.

Book Time

An Island Grows—Schaefer
Art Activity
(Fine motor skills activity)
I is for Island  activity from:

We also made hula skirts with yarn to go around the waist, and we tied green crepe paper to the yarn.


Tropical fruit salad: pineapple, mandarin oranges, bananas mixed with whip cream and coconut pudding mix.

 (Gross motor skills activity)
Island jump—use towels as islands and jump from island to island. Be careful, don’t fall in the ocean!
Hula dancing
Good-bye Song (tune: Here We Are Together)
Now we wave good-bye,
Good-bye, good-bye.
Now we wave good-bye,
I’ll see you next time.
More island books:
An Island in the Soup—Levert
It’s Mine—Lionni (We read this book later to talk about sharing and being kind to each other).

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