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Thursday, June 26, 2014


For our lesson sharing, we watched a couple of shows: an episode from Daniel Tiger and from Howdy Town. Here's what Daniel Tiger has to say about sharing (http://www.pbs.org/parents/daniel/episodes/):

Episode 110: Daniel Shares his Tigertastic Car/ Katerina Shares her Tutu

Daniel Shares his Tigertastic CarDaniel and his friends are playing together in the park.  Daniel has a new toy car and isn’t ready to share it with the others.  But with his Dad’s help, Daniel learns that sharing means someone else gets to take a turn, and then he’ll get it back.

Katerina Shares her TutuDaniel is playing at Katerina’s house and the friends decide to perform a Jungle Dance show.  Daniel wants to be a lion, and Katerina wants to be a dancing flower, but they both need the same tutu for their costume.  With Henrietta’s help they find a way to share the tutu and perform a grr-ific Jungle Dance show!
Learning GoalsThe learning goal of this episode to help children learn about sharing.
The strategy song for this episode is: You can take a turn, and then I’ll get it back.
Fred Rogers Timeless WisdomSharing isn’t easy for children, and learning to share is a long process. It can be hard for children to understand what’s mine, yours, and ours. Sharing grows little by little, as children develop the ability to see things from another person’s point of view and to trust that what they share will be given back. - Fred Rogers

(By the way, this website from pbs.org is awesome! It has a ton of resources and ideas to go along with Daniel Tiger. And Daniel Tiger is awesome too!)
Howdy Town is just a DVD that we got from grandma one Christmas. It's a great show with horses and cowboys. The video that we have has one episode about making friends and another one about sharing.
We also read the following books and discussed them:
The Giving Tree--Shel Silverstein
Llama, Llama Time to Share--Anna Dewdney
Should I Share My Icecream?--Mo Willems
Stone Soup--Marcia Brown
I Can Share--Karen Katz

The Karen Katz book was my least favorite but the one the boys loved best (of course). They have read it to each other over and over and have it memorized!
Afterward, we did a sharing activity--painting a picture together. They had to take turns using the paint brush to make a picture together. You could do this with anything really--just have one thing to share or use. We also have been practicing sharing treats. The boys need to give a treat to their brothers first and then get one themselves.

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